In 2018 A&E Department was elevated and designated as teaching unit of RYKMDC with the appointment of professor, associate professors, assistant professors and senior registrars. Accident & Emergency comprises of dedicated teaching faculty with 5 divisions namely Surgery, Medicine, Paediatric Medicine, Paediatric Surgery and Orthopedics Surgery. With this the patient care has greatly improved and new learning environment has ensued.

The Emergency Medicine training programs of FCPS and MD have started in shortest possible time after inception of the department. The program has been accredited by College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan. By taking initiative to make the accident and emergency as a separate department as teaching in postgraduate training, RYKMDC has again taken the lead and became the first institute in public sector. The university plans to start postgraduate programs in trauma surgery and critical care in the future. The main goal of the department is excellent service delivery for patient care and teaching of the postgraduate trainees. The whole effort is directed to raise the patient treatment standards to international level. There are lots of opportunities for carrier building and serving the most ailing humanity in this specialty in the country and abroad.