Quality Enhancement Cell - QEC

Objective of QEC

  • it is established to support RYKMDC to:
    • Monitor
    • Enhance
      • Under and Post Graduate Educations.
      • Research to make it compatible with international challenges.
      • Develop Commitment for continuous improvement.

Aim of QEC

To develop program of activities to produce quality doctors capable to deliver high class medical services, able to teach and perform research.

Responsibilities of QEC

  • External Relations with other universities, accreditation programs, generating scholarships and improving learning resources.
  • Develop procedures for approval of new programs.
  • Annual review of departments and institution.
  • Ensure “Quality Assurance Procedures” designed by university are beneficial to maintain and improve quality of Higher Education.
  • Help in staff development and capacity building.
  • Review and Organization of Curriculum.
  • Develop Program Specifications (Knowledge and skill a student will develop on Completion of Program) MBBS, Masters, Phill and PhD.
  • Develop procedures to review the quality of teaching and learning in each subject, program and individual by internal audit and feedback from students and teachers, self assessment peer review teams.
  • Development of Research and other scholarly activities.

Immediate Plans

  • Research by first year class.
  • Mentors program for new classes.
  • Surgical skills workshop.
  • Record keeping for visit of HEC.
  • Microteaching.
  • Proforma for evaluation.