Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization-ORIC

Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization is an integral part for the promotion and institutionalization of the research activities of the undergraduate and postgraduate research scholars and students. Establishment of ORIC will help to develop research echo-system in the university by capacity development, human resource development and facilities of research. ORIC will guide researchers of RYKMDC regarding research projects funding sources and forum for research data dissemination. Moreover ORIC will provide training to the researchers, undergraduate & postgraduate students and teaching faculty in writing their research proposals and research articles. As per HEC requirements, all research proposals will only be entertained and approved if it is vet by ORIC of the University. ORIC provides platform for the researchers to get research grants from HEC, Pakistan Science Foundation and other funding agencies. ORIC is also responsible for research trainings and capacity development for the researchers of the University.

Population of Southern Punjab will benefit from research activities of the ORIC of RYKMDC with improved quality of life, low disease prevalence rates, interventional strategies as adopted by research activities in this region as a part of the ORIC job description.


Health research is an important pillar to improve our health system and impact assessment of different diseases. With the interventions of such diseases large local community will benefit in terms of decreased disease morbidity and mortality. With good quality of research in health sciences, we can decrease disease burden, eradicate risks of bio terrorism, improve occupational health safety and health economic impact assessment.


To promote research activities related to national health policy in biomedical sciences.

  • ORIC will act as platform for research activities.
  • Research Promotion at national and international level.
  • Enhance quality of health research.


  • To create Research Ecosystem in the RYKMDC.
  • Improve quality of Research being conducted in the University.
  • Dissemination of University research at international forums.
  • Capacity Development.